The Zomi Tribes : Central Zomi

The Central Zomi includes the Falams, the Hakas, the Thantlang, the Maras (Lakhers), the Lushei, the Hmars, the Zahaus, the Hualngou, the Khuanglis, the Tlasun, the Laizou, the Bawmzou, the Zoukhuas, the Tawrs, the Zoutung, the Ngentes, the Kneltes, the Fanais, etc. They are found to have been geographically concentrated in such locations as Northern Arakan District, the Pokokku Hills, the Central portion of Chin State (all in Burma), Mizoram, Tripura Hills and the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. The old Kuki groups of the anthropological and linguistic literatures like Bete (Biate), Halam, Chote (Purum), Hrangkhol, Ngente, Aimol, Kom, Anal, Chiru, Mayon, Monsang, Koireng, Tarau, etc. also belong to the Central Zomi tribes whereas the Vaiphei and the Gangte belong to the Northern group.



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