Memoranda : ZNC


Sub: Unleash the political chain that binds Zomi (Dismantle the political barriers between the Zomi of Burma and India).

May it please your Excellency,

While welcoming the great son of India with great zeal and enthusiasm in our midst, the undersigned on behalf of the age old wretched Zomi of this hemisphere beg most respectfully to submit this memorandum fervently seeking your wisdom which you could contribute for our political salvation. Once again we repeat this in pursuance to our perilous quest for the Political Freedom of the Zomi for which our forefathers shed their blood and that we the younger generation cannot forget nor forsake the long amity that our forefathers paid for our political salvation. Hence, this humble appeal to the great son of India who is equally entrusted for the political dominated or suppressed people and who knew well the very sanctity of political independence. We hope, your Excellency, as a great freedom fighter do certainly felt the pangs of Zomi who are now politically dominated and economically crushed. Well, your Excellency might say, “Under the shadow of Indian Constitution one can grow to the highest position”, but Sir, this is only for the words sake and very much subjective we do not know what makes us that we cannot feel INDIANS! It may be some hidden truth (that) remains behind the political curtain! We do not want to be just a hewer of wood and drawer of water or just taxpayer. All we want is self determination. We feel we are being chained slowly by a political string round our waist while our people are riding on the bliss of communalism.

But in our pursuit to get political liberation we have no iota of grudge nor ill will nor would like to destroy India nor would resort to arms might… we shall simply resort to Gandhian weapons because truth never fails… the naked truth being we were/are a nation. We want to revive our nationhood. We can unleash the political chain that binds us now, of course, with the help of a great nation like India. For we firmly believed that the rise or fall of a nation comes through charity of one nation or the other.

No nation on earth can blame India for its being the Advocacy of Zomi political liberation nor the Almighty God. Instead, history will echo and re-echo that India make Two Nations – Bangladesh and Zoland.

Copy to:

1. The Prime Minister of India
2. The Chief Minister, Mizoram
3. All Presidents of different communities.

Faithfully yours,

Sd/- T. Gougin
Zomi National Congress

Sd/- S. K. Samte,
Zomi National Congress

(Source: True Copy)



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