During The British Rule

Efforts had been made under the British initiative to re-unite the scattered Zomi and their lands Zogam under one administration. On the 29th January, 1892, the first Chin-Lushai Conference was held at Fort William, Calcutta and was attended by:

The Hon’ble Sir Charles Alfred Elliot, K.C.S.I.,
Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal

His Excellency Lieutenant-General of the Hon’ble Sir J.C. Dormer, K.C.B.,
Commander-in-Chief, Madras

Sir Alexander Mackenzie, K.C.S.I.,
Chief Commissioner of Burma

W.E. Ward Esger, C.S.I.,
Chief Commissioner of Assam

Sir Henry Mortimer Durand, K.C.I.K., C.S.I.
Secretary to the Government of India, Foreign Department.

Major-General Sir James Browne, K.C.S.I., C.B., R.E.,
Quarter Master General in India

Resolution No. 1 of the conference read:
Majority of the conference are of the opinion that it is very desirable that the whole tract of the (ZO) country known as the Chin-Lushai Hills should be brought under one administrative head as soon as this can be done.” (For details, see Documents)



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