Memoranda : ZRO: An Appeal

Zomi Re-unification Organisation (ZRO)
Headquarters: Chiimnuai
(Truth and freedom)


There are two conflicting views about the meaning of the term “Zomi” Firstly, there are people who hold the view that we are, and are called Zomi because we live in highland and hills. This view is however contradicted by our Zomi scholars and writers on the ground that we cannot simply be called Zomi just because we live in highland or hills. There are also people living in highland or hills elsewhere, yet they are not Zomi nor people called them Zomi. Therefore this conception of Zomi is not a valid argument to justify our being Zomi.

Secondly, scholars among Zomis doing rigorous research work on the subject are convinced that we are Zomis not because we live in the highland or hills, but we are Zomi and called ourselves Zomi because we are the descendants of our great great ancestor ZO/ZOU/ZHOU. In other words, we are Zomi by birth. This conception is anthropologically and historically established fact.

The Bengalis then the Britishers called us Kukis in India, but we are not and we don’t call ourselves so. Therefore, it is an imposed name, not from within. The Burmese, then the Britishers called us Chin in Burma and the name foreign to us. We know best who we are and what we are. So, Zomi is the name by which we called ourselves. The name was passed on to us by none else, but our great great ancestor, Zo. The land we occupied whether hills or plain, highland or lowland, big or small is Zogam/Zoland/Zoram. It is the land of our dreams that will come true.


This is our appeal to all Zomi brothers and sisters to remember that we are all Zomis, the descendants of Zo. We are not two, but one under ZOMI. Let us wake up, and join hands for the geographical, political and social re-unification of the already divided Zous.

Come forward with your clear vision, your might, your money and your whole being to build a unified Zogam/Zoland/Zoram. Let us forget and forsake the spirit of narrow communalism which is the most dreaded disease that stands on our way to unification and which is leading us to nowhere.

Come and join the ZRO with your identity for it is ZRO alone which gives equal respect to all Zomi tribes, big or small. It is ZRO which guarantees to protect, safeguard and preserved every tone of language. Unity in diversity is the guiding principle of ZRO.

So, once again we appeal to all Zomis to join ZRO our organisation free from electoral politics, narrow communalism. It is an organisation committed to ZOMI RE-UNIFICATION.

Issued by:
Publicity Wing

August 9, 1993 

(Source: True Copy)



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