Special Division Of The Chins, 1948

(The Constitution of the Union of Burma [1948] Chapter IX, Part V)

196. There shall be a Special Division of the Chins comprising such areas in the Chin Hills District and the Arakan Hill Tracts as may be determined by the President.


(1) A Chin Affairs Council shall be constituted consisting of all the members of the Parliaments representing the Chins.

(2) A member of the Union Government to be known as ‘the Minister for Chin Affairs’ shall be appointed by the President on the nomination of the Prime Minister, acting in consultation with the Chin Affairs Council, from amongst the members of the Parliament representing the Chins.

(3) Subject to the powers of the Union Government -

(i) the general administration of the Special Division and in particular all matters relating to recruitment to the civil services in the Special Division, to postings and transfers, and to disciplinary matters relating to these services, and

(ii) all matters relating to schools and cultural institutions in the Special Division, shall be under the superintendence, direction and control of the Minister for Chin Affairs.

(4) The Chin Affairs Council shall aid and advise the Minister in the discharge of his duties.

(5) Any member of the Council who shall have ceased to be a member of the Parliament shall be deemed to have vacated his seat in the Council, but he may continue to carry on his duties until his successor shall have been elected.

198. Subject to the provisions of this Constitution, all matters relating to the powers and duties of the Minister and of the Council and their relations to each other and to the Union Government shall be determined by law.

(Source: Extract from “Chin Chronicles” by Rev Khup Za Go, 1988)



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