Policy & Programme

The ZRO adopted the following Policy and Programme, formed with the objective of bringing together – in mind, body and spirit - all the children of Zo, for ultimate re-unification. For this re-unification, the ZRO, if need be, shall walk the extra mile, build as many bridges and cement as many bonds as required to create a living, growing, vibrant and dynamic Zo brotherhood where all are equal. Towards this noble end, the ZRO while following its promulgated Policy and Programme is always open to suggestions and ideas, even to the extent of a complete re-formation, as long as the once scattered Zomi can come together and live in peace and prosperity in their own homeland! Thus -

[A] The Organization believes in the principle of non-violence, peaceful co-existence and mutual respect for all within the Zomi fold and without, amongst the neighbouring nationalities. As such, the spirit of an enlightened and evolving democracy that is humanistic, socialist, secular and concerned about the environment shall guide all its thoughts, policies and actions.

[B] The Organization shall strive for the infusion of a sense of brotherhood amongst the segregated children of Zo, who today speak over 47 dialects, without however, stifling the on-going aspirations of each and every tribal community regarding their literature and things close to their hearts, as long as they know that they are descendant of Zo. As such, the ZRO shall work towards a broad understanding that it is a unique unity in diversity that shall be the meeting point where all the Zomi come together. The Organisation even proposes for the common good – taking into account our sensitivities – and the fairness of a level playing field, that the official language be the English language, a language that is truly international and shall serve both as an end and as a means to an end. 

[C] Foreseeing the long road ahead, the Organization is realistic enough to work for a better social, political and economic status, in each of the separated segments under different dominant societies or nations, as a necessary step towards actualizing its ultimate goal. As such, the watch-word of the Organization is social reformation through eradication of social evils, through instilling discipline and duty-consciousness as the credo of life; through quality and useful modern education to raise the standard of life and living and through respect, regard and concern for all life so as to nurture a healthy society in a civilized Zo nation in time to come.

[D] The Organization shall seek assistance, even Alliance, with any like-minded individual, organization and nation to actualize the age-old longing for re-unification. As such the Organisation takes serious concern over the violation of the Indigenous peoples’ basic rights and shall strive to restore, protect and uphold their rights at different levels with like minded parties.



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