Earliest Contact With The British

It is recorded that in the spring of 1776, a party of Zomi (Cucis) visited the late Charles Croftes, Esq at Fajarabad in the Chittagong area and entertained him with a dance. It is further mentioned that they promised to return after their harvest. This particular incident may be treated as the beginning of the establishment of relationship between the British and the Zomi. Then the following year, i.e. 1777 the Zomi made a raid inside the territory of the British. Mr J Renne, Chief Engineer of Bengal, was the first Englishman who entered inside the Zomi area. In the year 1800 AD, he went to the south Lushai Hills in connection with land survey. Then after a gap of 23 years i.e. in 1823 AD the British again entered into the Zomi area to drive out the Burmese from the island, Shapuri. This expedition was known as Naaf River Expedition. After this incident, a regular contact was established between the Zomi and the British at least in the Lushai Hills.



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