Excerpt Of the Text Of Speech Delivered By AG McCall

(Excerpt of the text of speech delivered by A.G. McCall, ICS, the Superintendent of Lushai Hills on April 3, 1942)

“Look there is a Union Jack above us. I, the representative of King George VI, do solemnly declare and promise whatever I am to promulgate amongst you will be more form than in writing between You and I. Since you, today declared war against our enemies, you have become the brothers of King and not merely friends, but you are the true friends of Government of Allies. If we come out victorious, the British Government and it’s allied governments will not leave you or neglect you. Whatever your needs will always be looked into and we shall not betray you. This is the agreement today we entered into and we shall do it.”

The following telegram was received by H.E. the Governor of Assam from the Superintendent Lushai Hills:

“It is not without emotion and admiration amendable to inform Your Excellency three hundred Chiefs and Elders of North Lushai Hills after thirty hours serious consideration of all aspects and without persuasion following an unvarnished and direct address to responsibility involved have decided to Total resistance to any invaders stop all Chiefs, Civil assistants Mrs McCall Chief Lushai Ministerial Officer and self joined hands encircling Union Jack token of unity and allegiance to His Majesty. 6:30 P.M. April third, 1942.

(Source: Extract from “A Memorandum to the Secretary General of the United Nations” by ZORO, 1995)



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