Departments / Ministries : Defence Ministry

This is the Volunteers’ Wing of the Organization and can be categorized into two sub-wings:

Zomi National Volunteers (ZNV) – The duties and functions of the National Volunteers are concentrated on:

  rehabilitation of persons displaced by natural calamities like famine, earthquake, wild-fire etc. or by man-made calamities in times of war or peace;

  relief work, providing First Aid to the sick and injured;

  social service including the fight against the drugs menace, holding of rallies and conferences on matters of national importance, and civil defence etc.

Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA) – This consists of well organized, highly trained and disciplined volunteers who can be activated when provoked to protect the interests of the Zomi in the advent of threats to their way of life, their freedom, their land and their aspirations. The ZRA, as has been proved time and again, always acts with the greatest of restraints if it at all has to act.



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