The Country

Consolidation of the Chin-Lushai country inhabited by the Zomi had been a subject of interest among British officials both in India and Burma. The military expeditions conducted from three directions by three governments — Bengal, Assam and Burma — led to the creation of three spheres of influence, with three separate administrative units attached to the three governments. This was an “unnatural” situation because the peoples inhabiting these countries had been, during the expeditions, found to be of “one race“ or “the same stock”. Col. E.B Elly, Asst Quarter Master General, also pointed out thus,

“All these (Zomi clans) were people of the same race, speaking dialects of the same language, wearing the same dress, and having the same customs, form of politics, and religious belief… “

The present arrangement was also found to be administratively inconvenient because the people (Zomi) could play off one officer against another. The unity — and consequent danger of divided administration — had been demonstrated when the people in the southern hills had taken up arms in 1872 in sympathy with the rising in the north. Also during 1894-95, it seemed as if there was a movement towards unified rule under the Chiefs of Falam.



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