Rights Of Secession (Burma: 1947)

Cutting from the Constitution of Burma: 1947
Page 58

Right to Secession

201. Save as otherwise expressly provided in this constitution or in the Act of Parliament made under Section 199, every state shall have the right to secede from the Union in accordance with the conditions herein after prescribed.

202. The right of secession shall not be exercised within ten years from the date on which this constitution comes into operation.


(1) Any state wishing to exercise the right to secession shall have a resolution to that effect passed by its state Council. No such resolution shall deem to have been passed unless not less than two third’s of the total numbers of the state council concerned have voted in its favour.

(2) The Head of state concerned shall notify the President of any such resolution passed by the council and shall send him a copy of such resolution certify by the chairman of the council by which it was passed.

204. The President shall there upon order a plebiscite to be taken for the purpose of ascertaining the will of the people of the state concerned.

(Source: Extract from “The Constitution of the Union of Burma”, 1947)



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