The Sihzang-Gungal Rebellion

The forced raising of a large number of labourers for the construction of new roads and imposition of heavy fines on the people were the main causes of the revolt. Pu Thuamthawng, Chief of Kaptel was the architect of the revolt. The disarmament policy of the British caused serious concern to him. Then on May 6, 1892, he, along with the Chiefs of Zahau, Hualngos and Luseis attacked a British military post at Boutung (Boucung). He also sent envoys to the other Zomi chiefs and asked them to join him in this cause. He received a very good response from other groups of Zomi and so led a revolution against the British. In order to materialize his plan, he devised a scheme of befooling the British. Taking stock of the alarming situation, the British Government immediately decided to take repressive measures against the Zomi who revolted against them. Before the end of December, 1893 all the Sihzang villages involved in the rebellion had been completely destroyed and army posts were established at Dimlou, Phunom, Pimpi and Montak. The British could easily suppress the rebellion of the Zomi because of their military might.

By April 1, 1895, the British could completely disarm all the rebels and about 4,302 guns were recovered in the Chin Hills alone. According to an estimate the British could collect more than ten thousand guns from Zomi areas.



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