Common Culture : Common System of Naming a Child

In naming a child, the Zomi have a strong emphasis on taking the names of their ancestors. In a society that is patrilineal and patrilocal the eldest son of the eldest male member is compulsorily named after the last syllable of the paternal grandfather. This rule serves as a yardstick for tracing the family lineage in successive generations. Today, the Falam, Hmars, Lushai and a few other Zomi Tribes no longer practice this customs.

From the above common cultural traits everything suggest that the Zomi are one nation, inhabiting contiguous area, sharing common customs, languages, culture, folktales and history. It may be concluded with a common folk song sang by the Zomi ever since they live as one nation around Chiimnuai area in the early 18th century:

Eiteng khawlkhawm a tuam omlou,
Vannuai chiteng KHUUL a piang;
Tuunsung khat a piang hi ngeingei,
Tuunsung khat a piang hi ngeingei,
Suahpih sanggam khat hi hang;
Laizom khat hi ngeingei hang.

Free translation:

We, people who are in aggregation are of one stock,
Every body under the heaven is born of a cave (Khuul) 
And born of the same mother,
Being born of the same mother,
We are all born together as siblings,
We are really descendants of the same siblings.



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