Re-unification in accordance with International norms

At the outset of World War–II, the Atlantic Charter was signed in Aug. 1941 in which the British and the Americans played major roles. The Zomi in Lushai Hills and Chin Hills, took side with the Allied Forces by offering total resistance and would therefore be entitled to every share in the victory over Japanese (Axis). As participants in World War II, the Zomi had every right to choose the form of government which found expression in term of re-unification of their divided country for restoration of their fundamental rights. Moreover, ‘the Charter of the United Nations’ also declares restoration of “Rights of Minorities (Indigenous Peoples)” in the world by the turn of the 21st Century.

Re-unification is another trend in the moulding of nations today. There are peoples in the world even today who are being involuntarily yoked together as one nation under one imperialistic authority despite the fact that these peoples are of different origin and different nationalities. The re-unification of North Vietnam and South Vietnam, East Germany and West Germany, and more recently the efforts made by North Korea and South Korea have been the source of inspiration and encouragement to Zomi who have for more than hundred years been deprived of these fundamental rights of re-unification. Be that as it may, the struggle for re-unification shall continue till the whole ancestral homeland of the indigenous Zomi is brought under one administration in the spirit of the Chin-Lushai Conference, 1892.



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