During The British Rule : In Burma

In Burma, the first National movement among the Zo people during the British colonial days was started by the Chin National Union (CNU) founded by Thanpetmang, alias Vomtumang of Kanpalet District and his followers. In 1933, the party prepared a memorandum demanding self-rule for Zogam. The memorandum was sent to the British government in Rangoon. They also demanded their own independence if and when Burma got independence. No reply was received from the British government. In 1939, nine Executive members of the Union were arrested and kept in different prisons until the Japanese invasion of the 1940s.

Another effort made for the re-unification of the Zomi during the British was at the Panglong Conference. In the conference, the Zo delegates comprising of Hlurmung of Lumbung, Thawng Za Khup, Chief of Saizang, Kiomang, Chief of Haka and, Vum Khaw Hau of Thuklai, were political novices and none-with the exception of Vum Khaw Hau and Sanglian – could understand Burmese or English well. Of course, they all were skeptical about Burmese ability to run a government because they doubted the trustworthiness of the Burman. So, they discussed among themselves about the Lushai Hills being incorporated with the Chin-Hills. But at the meeting, the Zo delegation was rather intimidated by the statesmanship eloquence- and intelligence of Aungsan. When the Panglong Agreement was signed on the 12th of February, 1947 after three days of discussion, the Chin Hills was incorporated into Burma on the condition that every state shall have the right to secede from the Burma Union after ten years from the date on which the constitution comes into operation. Hence, because of political naivety and the diplomacy of Aungsan, the re-unification dreams and desires of the Zo people were once again deferred to the next millennium.

In the new millennium, the Zomi realise that they can be intimidated, their movements suppressed, their leaders deceived and the people separated, but their strong bond of relationship will live on transcending man-made boundaries and laws. Their desire for self-rule will be renewed and revised again and again, until they are liberated. Their dreams shall see them through!



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