Press Information

May 20, 2014


This press information is a reminder to the public that the Zomi Re-unification Organisation (ZRO) totally probihited people indulging in immoral and indecent acts in its area of operation.  the ZRO also asked the general public to refrain from dumping of garbage at Khuga River and Lanva River, which are the main sources of our drinking water.  It may be noted that dumping of garbage at river sites are unhygenic for the people and detrimental to our environment.  Indeed, the ZRO encouraged planting of more trees for ecological balance.

The ZRO also observed that meat-sellers used to sell decomposed meat and carcass animals.  The ZRO is deadly against selling of such unhygienic meat to their consumers.  Wine sellers are once again reminded toclose their vendors by 6:00 PM.

The ZRO appealed concerned Citizens, Parents, and Social Organisations to support the goodwill initiative of the organisation.  The ZRO will not be held responsible in case stern action is taken to thoses people found indulging against the directions of the organisation.



Ministry of Information & Public Relations
ZRO Hqtrs.





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